As we open for business, Antaero is seeking investment through loans, capital, or investment in the company.

First, we aim to purchase a Citation II to offer preliminary flights and meet the majority of demand for low occupancy luxury. Purchasing this airplane will allow us complete flexibility to offer a single fixed rate, instead of nickel and diming every fee at every leg.

Once several years of profitable flight has been achieved, we will expand the fleet to offer an Eclipse 500 to charter individual or two-person flights. This aircraft is currently unavailable in the area, leaving you with having to charter a much larger aircraft than you can fill. Offering this comfortable, and yet more appropriately sized aircraft will provide our customers with currently unconsidered efficiency.

Ultimately, we aim to purchase a Phenom 300 in order to charter larger-capacity flights. This plane, also currently unavailable on the Colorado market, has an ideal mix of space, range, power, and technology to fit our target markets needs with some of the most common domestic flights originating in the Denver area.

For inquiries about investment, contact

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